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Welcome to our world. We, at MAC Guide, operate and work just as efficiently and uniformly like any other organization. Hence, the need for Forum arises here. In order to make you feel at home, we have made a Forum which has a set of friendly rules and regulations, and in order to register with us you will have to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in our Forum and, know by heart and abide by our code of conduct. We hope you stick alongside us with patience and perseverance and as well keep an appropriate code of conduct, freedom of expression is highly granted. Please, ensure you go through our terms and conditions to know what ought to be done and what is forbidden while registering for our forum.

There are a set of conditions which are to be followed to attain registration and for our forum use rights.

  • Registration details
  • Liability
  • Copyright
  • Acceptable content
  • Commercial use – This site is not to be used for any commercial purpose such as the sale of goods and services. However, you can share our website’s link to share information about any topic mentioned, with any other person.
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