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One of the hallmarks of the Apple brand, the Macintosh line of computers has gone down well with the users worldwide. Let us have a brief introductory paragraph for the Mac Os & Apple Mac Support Phone Number, before getting into the detailed know-how for the same.

Mac OS, the operating system, an Apple range was developed in 1984 primarily to enable the functioning of the company’s range of personal computers. using the graphical user interface technology, built-in screen, and mouse. This system is highly recommended and popular amongst the users due to its fantastic integration with the top of the line hardware specifications.


In the subsequent, we will talk in considerable detail talk about the factors concerning the users of MAC OS. Read on!The first section had been penned down to talk about the most common issues faced while operating MAC OS and the manageable ways to troubleshoot the same.

Apple MAC Support Offers MAC OS Troubleshooting Guide

MAC Support Offers MAC OS Troubleshooting Guide​

MAC Faulty WiFi Troubleshooting: The most important and concerning issue arises when your MAC computer is unable to connect to your wifi connection and all your tasks come to a halt. We have penned down some basic troubleshooting points suggested by the mac technical support to solve the problem.

Make sure the problem isn’t limited to just one site or with the current app: Before proceeding with the technical troubleshooting make sure the problem isn’t restricted to just one site or the current app that you have been using. Try visiting other sites and try connecting to the internet with some another app. If the other sites work normally and the system works well with another app, the problem is not with the wifi connection but that particular site or your current app.

  1. Take help from the “Network Diagnostics Utility”: Many network problems get resolved with the MAC OS inbuilt “Network Diagnostics Utility” feature. Follow the onscreen instructions and answer the questions asked. Through this feature, your problems would get resolved or else the Utility feature will detail you about the problem with the solutions along with it mac technical support.
  2. Ensure that you are connected to the wifi network that you intend to: Sometimes MAC gets connected to less desirable networks on its own. Through the wifi menu at the top right corner of the screen, ensure that you are connected to a network that you intend to and not to any other. If you come across an exclamation mark on the wifi signal, turn off your wifi network from the menu and after at least 30 seconds again turn it on. If even after this step you face trouble connecting to your wifi signals, restart your MAC computer and by now the problem might get resolved or more help regarding this step you can contact to mac support phone number.
  3. Check the DNS settings that your system uses: The Domain Name System (DNS) allows the MAC to convert domain names into IP address. If the IP address turns out to be faulty you would not be able to connect to any site by name of your choice. To check for a faulty DNS in your browser type this URL carefully:” If Google site opens after entering the given URL the problem lies with looking up the domain names. To troubleshoot the same, select “System Preferences “ and select the “Network” pane and select your network connection from the list. Click on DNS and select “Advanced”.In the DNS server field, you will come across one or more than one IP addresses. If the IP addresses are enabled in black color, select each one and click the – button. Thereafter click the + button and enter, repeat that with As the last step clicks on “OK” and select “Apply”. Try connecting yet again and it might work for you now! If you have any doubts regarding IP then Mac Technical Support is always there for you.

  4. Take professional assistance: If none of the above-stated ways worked in your favor, its best to talk to the professional. Contact MAC customer support phone number or Mac help number displayed on their official website and get your system’s trouble resolved.

Unable to Connect to MAC’s Offline Camera - Dial Mac Support Number

Read these quick fixes: Another issue that bothers users is the MAC inbuilt camera offline status “mac camera not working”. We have jotted down some quick fixes for you.

  • Reboot your MAC computer: Starting with the basic troubleshooting step, reboot your system so that the RAM gets clear and the processes interfering with the camera will end too thus solving your problem once the system starts again afresh. If that process is not working than u have to contact the mac phone number if that work go to net steps below.  

  • Adjust the camera settings carefully: Skype and FaceTime lets you specify the camera that you would want to use for video calls. Ensure the built-in camera gets selected.

  • Forcefully quit the VDC Assistant and Camera Assistant: Any complications with the VDC Assistant and Camera Assistant can affect the applications associated with the camera. To force quit these follow these steps.

      1. Close any of the application that has any access to the camera.
      2. Tap on the “Spotlight search “ icon and look for “Terminal” and click “Enter” to  launch it.
      3. Enter “sudo killall VDCAssistant” and press “Enter” and type in your password if asked and proceed.
      4. Now type “sudo killall Apple Camera Assistant “and press “Enter”.
      5. Now launch an application that makes use of a built-in camera and your problem   will probably be solved now.

If you face any further trouble in regard to the mac offline camera, reach out to the Mac technical support number or Mac support phone number provided in their official website to contact easily or they have mac phone number team members to solve issue related mac.

Apple Mac Support: Troubleshooting an Unresponding MAC Wireless Keyboard:

Third major issue faced by the mac user’s is the problem of unresponding keyboards. In the section below we have talked about some reasons causing this issue and quick fixes for the same.

  • Make sure that your wireless MAC keypad is turned on and check for the same in the Bluetooth section of the “System Preferences” of your device and in the “Bluetooth” menu in the menu bar.

  • Make sure that your wireless keyboard is properly charged. To check for the battery level of the device tap the “Bluetooth “ icon from the MAC’s “Menu” bar and select your device by its name and check for the battery level.

  • If your MAC keyboard sporadically stops responding follow the mentioned steps:

Troubleshooting an unresponding MAC wireless keyboard
      1. Click the mouse or press any random key on the keyboard to reconnect the device to the computer.
      2. Interference caused by other nearby devices could also cause disruption in the working of the keypad. Move away from any 2.4 GHz devices cordless phone base stations, microwave oven, etc from your MAC. Keep the wireless keypad within the range of 10 meters and not more than that.


  • For smooth uninterrupted functioning of the key pad ensure that no metal object comes in between your wireless device and MAC.

Please note:

If you still face trouble after performing the above troubleshooting steps, reach out to the Mac customer service number or Mac Support Number displayed in their official website to get help regarding mac call on mac phone number.

Mac Technical Support Also Helps for Application Support folder in your MAC

If you are searching for application folder then follow the instructions, If you require to configure certain program settings in your MAC, you would need to look for “Application Support” folder. We have penned down two simple alternate ways for you.

A. Navigating through the “Go To “ folder.

  • Go to the “Finder” option and open it.

  • Now from the “Menu” bar open the “Go “ menu.

  • Select the “GO to folder”.

  • As the last step enter: ~/Library/Application Support

    • Go to the “Finder” option and open it.

    • Now from the “Menu” bar open the “Go “ menu.

    • On the keyboard, hold the “Option” key.

    • Now the “Library “ folder will appear, open the “Application support” from here.

Looking for Application Support folder in your MAC OS
B. Navigating through the keyboard
Note: If you fail to still find the Application support folder, contact the Mac Technical Support or Mac support number given on their official website for professional assistance contact on mac phone number and get professional assistance here.

Mac computer support “Handoff” feature - Contact to Mac Customer Support

Handoff is a feature in OS X Yosemite with iOS 8  lets the user place or receive calls or send or receive text messages without requiring to touch the iPhone or iPad. Handoff functions when the devices are paired with blutooth on low energy. Handoff is specifically designed by Apple works on bluetooth 4.0. Thus to function on handoff contact to Apple Mac Support Number, a user needs to have devices compatible with bluetooth v4.0.


If you are using OS X Yosemite and want to check the availability of bluetooth for your device, follow the aforementioned simple steps.

  • Click the “Apple” icon and open the menu.

  • From among the options of the drop down menu select “About this Mac” option.

  • Now on the next screen, click on “System Report” option and proceed to the next step.

  • On the next window, from the options under the “Hardware” menu, click on “Bluetooth”.

  • Now look for “Bluetooth Low Energy Supported “ option and see whether it has “Yes” in the right pane. If you see “Yes” your Mac supports Bluetooth LE and Handoff will work once you enable it from the “System Preferences”.

If you are working on the older versions of OS X, the following steps will guide you to find the Bluetooth version in your system.

  • Go on to the Apple icon.

  • Select, “About this Mac”.

  • Click on “More Info”.

  • Click on “System Report”.

  • On the next screen, under the “Hardware” option, select “Bluetooth”.

  • On the right pane search for the “LMP Version”.If the LMP Version says 0*6, your MAC computer supports Bluetooth LE and Handoff would work for the system.

Please note:

If you face any further trouble in regard to the “Handoff” feature of MAC, reach out to the Mac customer service number or Mac support number provided on their official website.


Hope the detailed discussion about the MAC computer will come to the best use for our readers. For more information on the same write to us, we will try to come up with more informative solutions as per your requirements.

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