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An American multinational company, Apple Inc.founded on April April 1, 1976, by the joint efforts of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne based in Cupertino, California designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, consumer software, and various online services. It was on January 29, 2007, that the company came with its line of smartphones, iPhone. iPhone along with being the revolutionary invention in terms of the phone providing a sleek design, stunning display, multi-touch user interface, and Safari browser and many more attractive features has also been a symbol of style statement for the users. The present article has been designed to befriend our readers with the right way to use iphone, to their maximum advantage, to take care of it for longer durability, the smart way to protect it from the potential viruses. In the writeup, we have also talked to a certain to a cetain extent about the need for the iPhone customer service number. So without further ado lets get started!

iPhone Technical Support Provides Basic Features of iPhone to Manage it in a Better Way.

According to iPhone Customer Service, Good knowledge of the features of the iphone enables a better and efficient usage of it. Let us get down to getting acquainted with the basic must know features of iPhone.

Basic buttons on your iPhone: 

iPhone Lock button: Depending on the model you possess, the lock button is present either on the right side or the left  Pressing it once when the screen is on will turn off the screen while pressing it once when the screen is off will start the screen. In order to turn off or turn on the phone, you need to press and hold it till the favorable function happens.

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Volume button: The two buttons on the left side of the phone works as the volume button. Pressing the bottom button lowers the volume while the top buttom increases the volume.

Mute button: The switch on the top of the row of buttons on the left side is the mute button. Sliding it down will mute your phone showing the yellow strip as you do it. While sliding it up will turn back the volume of your phone.

Home button: The circular button at the center of the iPhones’ screen is the home button. Pressing it once will open the phone’s lock screen. Additionally using it while operating an application while minimizing the application and it quickly will display all the phone’s existing applications. For Information & usage about iPhone buttons you can contact to iPhone Technical Support Phone Number.

iPhone’s Home Screen & Native Apps : iPhone Customer Support

On the home screen of your iPhone you will see many square icons, these are the iPhone applications that come pre-installed. Let’s have a quick go through to these apps.

  • Settings:The grey app box is the settings app which lets you change settings in your iPhone, such as changing wireless network settings to turning the screen rotation off to many more.
  • iPhone: This app represented by a green color phone icon lets you make a quick call.
  • Contacts: Symbolised by a grey silhouette with a person’s head on it, the contacts app has the list of all your contacts you had saved.
  • Facetime: A green colored app with an icon of white video camera on it facilitates face to face video calling.
  • Message: The messaging app is symbolized by a green bubble which allows you to receive and send text messages.
  • Mail: The mail app is symbolized by a green colored envelope, you can check your Apple email id here or can add an additional email account to this app.
  • Calendar: Through this app, you can set events for specific dates and time by tapping on that particular date and filling in the information fields.
  • Camera: This icon is displayed by a grey camera picture wherein you can take photos or videos of your choice.
  • Safari: This app is represented by a compass icon. It is the web browser for iPHone.
  • Clock: Through the clock app represented by a clock icon you can set alarms, change the time zone for your iPhone, set a timer or use as a stopwatch.
  • Notes: This app is symbolized by a white and yellow notepad. It allows the user to make quick notes on the go.
  • Maps: This app allows in giving step by step directions if you enter the starting and destination address.
  • Wallet: Through this app, you will be able to add credit or debit cards and gift cards to it which will allow to user to easily pay through iPhone for the online shopping.
  • App store:This app represented by a capital”A” lets the user download any application of their choice.
  • Music:The music app contains the entire iPhone music library where you can soothe your good music craving.

Please note: For any further information on your iPhone basic features you can always contact the iPhone support phone number given on website.

iPhone Customer Service For your iPhone Good Condition & Ensure its Long Life

Now that you have bought a new iPhone, keeping it in a good condition ensure its long life and good resale value if you wish to sell it ever.iPhone Support have penned down three simple ways on how  to keep your phone in an absolutely good condition.

iPhone Customer Service For your iPhone Good Condition & Ensure its Long Life
  • Protect your phone with a protective case: A protective case is an essential product when it comes to keeping your phone safe and away from any probable damage.You can choose the cover from many shapes and sizes as pouches, skins, shells,bumpers, clip ons and many more according to your use and convenience to carry the same.
  • Get your iPhone protected with a good screen cover: Screen cover as the name tells protects the phone’s screen from getting crashed. You can either go for a ZAAG shield which covers the screen of the phone with protecting the sides as well or a front only screen cover with a phone case of your liking.It is recommended to keep changing the screen covers in every three months at least.
  • Clean your phone suitably with this cleaning process: If not cleaned for a long time, the phone is a house to many bacterias, it should be regularly cleaned to keep it in a good condition.Switch off your phone and follow the following three simple steps to give a good deep cleaning to your phone.
    • As a first step, give a good cleaning to your phone using a microfiber cleaning cloth and gadget safe cleaning solution. Be careful to spray the cleaner on the rag and not straight on the phone.
    • Clean all the ports on device by a compressed air can for use with electronics.Spray the solution on the headphone jack,connector port and sim card slot.
    • Now as the last step reapply your screen protector and cover (or get a new protector if the eaarlier one has been  used too much)and turn on your phone back.It is better to do phone back every month after the cleaning process.
    • Taking good care of your iPhone as talked about in the above section is not enough till you don’t keep it protected from virus attacks. Let us talk about it in the following section.
    • Please note: If you are unable to clean up your iPhone by the above-given method you can always contact the iPhone customer service number. The professionals would be happy to assist you in the same.

iPhone Technical Support Protect Your iPhone from Unwanted Virus Attacks :

  • Protect your iphone from any unwanted intrusion or virus attacks by downloading iphone security apps.
  • Please note: For any futher assistance in protecting your phone from virus attacks, contact the iPhone customer service number. The professionals would be happy to assist you in the same.

iPhone Support Protect Your iPhone from Unwanted Virus Attacks
  • Find My iPhone app: Download this app from the Apple store and minimize the risk of your phone getting lost or taken away from you forever.Through the app, you can easily trace your lost phone’s location and simplify the process to get it back.
  • Lookout app: Similar to Find My iPhone, this app lets you trace your lost phone and aids you in getting it back. It has some extra features than Find My iPhone app which includes checking the already running apps on your phone for any malicious processes and notifying the same to the user. It also creates a backup of your contacts list of your phone.
  • Clean and remove the sensitive data on your phone with iPhone Care Pro: Nowdays almost all our bank transactions related to booking hotels, paying bills are done through our mobile phones. It is therefore imperative to keep clearing the private data regularly. With iPhone Care Pro clean all the sensitive and private data from your phone.
Take Advantage of Apple’s Customer Service

Take Advantage of Apple’s Customer Service :


Apple co. is successful not only because of its high quality and innovative product line but also the efficient round the clock Apple & iphone customer service. Any technology would require some hand-holding by its users.

Apple makes sure to help its customers through an online portal, telephonic assistance, and personal technicians visit if required, dial iphone technical support number +1-855-888-8325. You can contact the iphone customer service or the iphone support number by  reaching out to their official website: . Through the iPhone customer service number provided on their page, the professionals would make their best effort to assist you in your problem with the product.

Hope the writeup helped you in working well with your iPhone. For further queries, you can always write to us and provide your feedback on the same.

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