How to Update Safari Browser on MAC
How to Update Safari Browser on MAC

How to Update Safari Browser on MAC

Apple Safari is a quite terrific internet browser of the Apple device. It helps users to sign in into their accounts in a legit manner. But most of the times, when people use or manage this application on their iPads, iPods or other Mac device, they might have faced problems. If you are also facing such problems and don’t know how to update safari on mac, then this article is for you. Today, we are going to discuss the steps to update safari on mac computer using the best simple easy process.

Note: You must have to purchase the version known as Snow Leopard in your Mac if you are currently using OS X 10.5 or older. So, always remember this point.

Instructions to Update Safari on Mac

Instructions to Update Safari on Mac

Follow the following steps to update Safari on Mac easily. So before start you also check about your mac updates that you are using the latest version of operating system then for update safari Have a look:

  • As mentioned (In the note section of the article, that it must be updated to OS X 10.6 at least) to let the update happen. It won’t be possible with the older version of the same if you want to update it.
  • Before starting up the process, make sure your Mac computer is equipped with 1 GB of empty free memory.


  • Go to the Apple store and purchase Snow Leopard version (OS X 10.6) version and insert it into your Mac computer. When the CD is inserted, follow the instructions which you will get to see on the screen.
  • Next, you have to go to the screen and click on the ‘Apple’ Icon. Then select the option software update from the drop-down menu. As soon as you will click on it, you will get to see a window screen out there. Go for Options and thus hit the boxes you wanna update. Safari is right there on the list. So next you have to make it your choice.
  • Then, you have to click on the install items (With quantity) or the items you have selected in the checkbox.
  • Wait till your browser is getting updated.
  • If you have already the version 10.6 OR Later, you don’t need to purchase the CD. All you need to do is to go to the Apple store and thus find updates from there. There you will get to see safari. Just click on the update option. Just wait until it gets done.

That’s all! You are ready to work with the latest version of Safari on Mac.

Why You Should Use Safari on a Mac Instead of Chrome?

Both technically and aesthetically, safari integrates with macOS. But what makes safari a better option that chrome?

Let’s look down to the following justifications below:

  • Better In privacy:

As we already know Google obtain, retain and use user information to make money. It has a good methodology but we cannot deny the fact that it is uneasy some users as well. Most of you must know that the sync browser history is added to the “App and web activity” automatically with Google. And thus it uses this information to provide personalized services and Google products to us. It is not happening with the privacy of the people especially when you are a privacy concerned person like me.

On the other hand, safari understands our privacy concern and thus offers us a fast, improved browsing experience without any invasions. If you are thinking it’s completely anonymous then let me tell you, it’s not like that. Apple does not pile up the information through the safari’s mode of use but instead, it collects information through the procedure that how websites run. It takes into the use of other privacy patterns.

Apple is very clear with their working method. They never use the tracking or analyzing visitor’s data. They don’t need your help in collecting and emerging their business.

  • Aesthetics Improvement:

We all agree to the fact that it is completely a personal preference. But if you are okay with the minimal User interface then believe me; you are just going to love safari’s procedure and design. Safari possesses proper-styled notifications and Apple-themed aesthetics to make your experience a bit better than chrome.

  • Improved System Integration:

Undoubtedly, safari offers a better integration system and hence an improved user experience to the users in comparison to the chrome. Let me elaborate it with the help of an example. Watching video content seems easy than chrome while working on other stuff. How? It’s because Safari let you pin your video (HTML5) on top of the floating window in the corner of your Mac screen. The story does not end here. Safari also uses built-in keychain function with macOS. It let the names, passwords, usernames get filled in automatically. In addition to this, it remains up to date on your Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Mac. How?

It’s because the keychain function of it remain sync over iCloud with all other Apple devices. The experience is even much better on laptops. It integrates with the trackpad and the touch bar without any hassle. Also, push notifications and handoffs works very easily with the Safari. It keeps on sending notifications related to the updates on your desktop without even any kind of extensions.

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So, these were the step by step procedure to let you know “how to update Safari on Mac”. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article. Wait, what? Did we miss something? Let us know now! Also, if you have something to share, any kind of suggestions, or you wanna ask any questions, confusions or doubts, feel free to comment in the comment section below. We will reach back to you as soon as we could. 

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