How to Update iTunes on Mac Manually
How to Update iTunes on Mac Manually

How to Update iTunes on Mac Manually

As we already know, iTunes on Mac provides you the access to all the music library, TV shows, and videos along with movies you have purchased from the iTunes store. Not only this but also it lets you download apps for your iPod touch, download audiobooks, course material for iTunes U, iPad and iPhone and much more. The Apple updates the iTunes on your mac periodically.

How to Manually Check for Updates Using iTunes:

As we know already iTunes check for software update automatically by default and thus notifies you every time if the update is found though. But there might be some incidents where the feature is not in the activated mode or we can say, itunes won’t update on mac is not available at the moment. The possibilities could lie in the following mentioned reasons:

  • There might be possibility that your automatic check-in option of your mac computer may have been disabled/ not- active in the program preference option.
  • Next, Your internet connection might have disconnected/ disrupted during or before the update check procedure

In such a case, you can update iTunes on mac manually. Just make sure your devices such as iPod, iPhone, or iPad is connected and thus follow the procedure described below. Note it down away!

How to Check Updates Manually for the Mac Version of iTunes:

How to Manually Check for Updates Using iTunes

You can update the iTunes only through the App store now if you are using mac. So follow the following steps to check itunes updates manually on the Mac:

  • First of all, open up your Mac computer and go to the App store of it
  • Next, after opening up the app store, click updates. You can find it at the top of the location of the App Store.
  • Then, look for the updates available there for macOS or for iTunes (they are referred to as iTunes updates)
  • Once you find it, hit the install button.

Once it gets installed, you might need to restart your computer. (Most commonly if the update was macOS update). To check everything working absolutely fine, we suggest you re-run the iTunes application.

How to Update iTunes Version on the Mac OS:

Below is the following step by step procedure to update iTunes on the Mac:

Step 1: First of all, open up iTunes

Step 2: Next, click on to the iTunes menu.

Step 3: Then, select Check for Updates as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: As soon as you select the Check for Updates option, iTunes will connect to Apple’s servers and will start its search to check for updates.

Try using the Mac App Store In case an update doesn’t show up in iTunes. Why so? Because in some sort of time, we have observed that the Apple releases updates for iTunes through the Mac App Store.

How to Use the Mac App Store to Check for iTunes Updates

Follow the following steps to use the Mac App Store to check for iTunes updates. Have a look:

  •    Be ensure on your side that you have already quit iTunes otherwise, it will create a problem though
  •    Next, go the Mac App store and open it.
  •    Then, You have to hit the update tab there
  •    Next, as soon as you do this, your apple will start looking for Apple’s servers for updates. If it gets any update regarding it, it will automatically show up an update button to you. Thus, finally click on the button to let your update gets downloaded on your computer

NOTE: In case you’ve deleted iTunes and you want to download it again, go to Apple’s iTunes web site and thus download it again from there.

Tips for Solving an Issue to Update iTunes Version for Mac:

iTunes software is a useful software to manage or seek new content for Apple products. It is part of the Apple operating system with a huge following. Not only this but also this application provides communication between the computer and mobile devices.

You might have faced problems with iTunes updates. The most frequent could be showing your device the error of upgrading your device to the latest version. That’s completely okay if your software is not up to date or is lacking update there but the real tension is when you have the latest iTunes version installed and still the problem persists.

Below are some of the tips to solve an issue with iTunes version for mac:

  • First, check and verify your Mac OS version:

One of the most common reasons for iTunes version issues/ problem is because of the operating system version you are using. Wondering how to check the operating system version on your Mac computer? All you need to do is to go to the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and then open Apple menu from there.

Then, you need to select the about this Mac option.

  • Operating system Up gradation:

Upgrade your device if you get to see any upgrade notification offered there. Remember, all the devices do not support the latest versions of operating systems. So before hitting the upgrade option, we suggest you visit the Apple support website.

So, these were the methodologies involved in updating iTunes on your mac. In case, you are up with any itunes update error on mac or any questions, confusions, doubts or suggestions, feel free to ask in the comment section given below. Also, let us know the feedback for today’s article.

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