A Detailed Guide on Unlocking & Changing Screen Lock Password of iPhone
unlock iphone

A Detailed Guide on Unlocking & Changing Screen Lock Password of iPhone

An American multinational company, Apple Inc.founded on April April 1, 1976, by the joint efforts of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne based in Cupertino, California designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, consumer software, and various online services. It was on January 29, 2007, that the company came with its line of smartphones, iPhone.iPhone along with being the revolutionary invention in terms of the phone providing a sleek design, stunning display, multi-touch user interface, and Safari browser and many more attractive features has also been a symbol of style statement for the users. In this particular writeup, we will be talking in a certain length about the benefits of unlocking your iPhone, points to remember while unlocking an iphone and the definite steps to unlock some particular models and lastly the easy way to change the screen lock password of your iPhone to be talked about in the article. Let us start by discussing the need and benefits of unlocking an iphone.

Step By Step Guide to Unlock iPhone & Its All Versions

unlock iphone
The aforementioned reasons would definitely drive you towards reading our last section pertaining to the steps to unlock your iPhone model.
  • No contract boundation: The user of an unlocked iPhone using prepaid SIM card is not obligated to any cellular contracts, some of which may linger on till two years. As an additional benefit, The user will also be able to avail a network carrier of his choice.

  • Provides greater flexibility: As a contrast to the user of an in lock iPhone, an unlocked iPhone user stays at the advantage of being able to enjoy greater flexibility when required to change to another service provider.A user can easily change to some other service provider by switching the SIM card with a different provider.

  • Saves you money while on the go: Unlike the users of an in lock iPhone , an unlocked iPhone saves its user’s lot of money on roaming charges while traveling to another continent.A user simply needs to change his SIM card with that country’s service provider.

  • Makes it attractive to the buyer’s eyes , thus increasing the resale value!: A locked iPhone cannot be sold till the end of its contract. A jailbroken or an unlocked iPhone can be sold anywhere in the globe since not subjected any restricted contract terms. This fact making it attractive to the buyer’s eyes as they can switch it with their country’s network provider without paying any transfer fee.

  • Freedom to customize the product: Unlike the locked iPhone, the users of an unlocked iPhone aren’t subjected to restrictions including even the software updates.With an unlocked iPhone, user enjoys the libertu to customize their phone to their heart’s wish.

With  steady progress in   the security systems have also become hard to crack. The same is applicable for iPhone, one of the technology giant. Therefore before getting to the process of unlocking the iPhone models, it will be relevant to talk about a few important things that a user is required to know before getting his hands on the unlocking process.


Points to Remember Before Getting iPhone Unlocked:

Whether you yourself unlock your iPhone or get it done by a professional, the below-mentioned points will be a good piece of information for you. Read on!

  • Variable completion time: You can just not expect the unlocking completion of your iPhone to be immediate as the orders are required to be processed in bulk and not individually.Depending upon the network carrier of your iPhone, the completion time varies and does not remain fixed. The time frame may vary from a few hours to weeks. Below are some examples.

    1. A&T iPhone:24 hours if taken the premium service.
    2. Sprint iPhone: May vary between 1 to 3 business days if taken the premium service.
    3. T Mobile iPhone:May vary somewhere between 7 to 10 business days only for non blacklisted iPhone models.
    4. Trac Fone, GSM Default policy, etc:May vary in between 10 to 20 business days with a low success rate.
  • Unlocking mostly done by third party:The unlocking is done mostly by the third party as the vendors or sellers providing the iPhone unlocking service. Apple or the carrier rarely provide the unlocking service lest you have fulfilled their unlocking criteria.

  • It becomes impossible unlock certain carriers: Certain carriers as the TracFone,StraighTalk and similar other small carriers are extremely difficult to be unlocked. Worldwide unlock service might be able to unlock it but it comes with the relocking risks.

  • iCloud locked: An icloud locked iPhone even after getting unlocked would not do any good to the user. It will still be inaccessible to the user. To ensure that you are able to activate an iCloud locked iPhone before trying to unlock it.

  • Requirement of a new  SIM to operate the unlocked iPhone on another carrier: In order to operate your unlocked iPhone on another carrier, you would require a new SIM. To obtain the new SIM a user is required to call the carrier to use the iPhone with or order one online or you can buy one over the counter.

Now coming to the next section of the writeup we have discussed some really effective methods to unlock your iPhone model. In the writeup, we have discussed the unlocking of iPhone 6,iPhone7,iPhone8, and iPhone X.

unlock iphone 6


iPhone 6

We have discussed two effective alternative ways to unlock iPhone 6 that would save both your money and efforts. Read on!

  • Unlock iPhone 6 with SIM card using the iCloud activation lock

    1. As the first step, visit the “Official iPhone unlock” site. Once the site opens, select and open the “iCloud Unlock” option displayed on the left corner of the page.
    2. After the first step, you will be directed to a new page requiring you to enter the handset model. Select the “iPhone6” model and enter the IMEI /Serial number of your phone.In case you don’t know your IMEI, dial *#06# to retrieve it.After doing the payment, wait for 1 to 3 days to receive the unlock code that will be sent through the mail.Make sure you enter a valid email address.
  • Unlock iPhone6 without SIM card if you have forgotten the Apple id:

    1. As a first step, open the official Apple id page.
    2. On the next page, click on the “Forgot Apple Id or password?”.You will then be required to select an option that will enable you to reset Apple id. If you had selected security question as to the security feature, you would be asked to enter the answers the security questions you had earlier set. Thereafter an email will be sent to your mail id clicking on which you will be able to recover your Apple id.




iPhone 7

unlock iphone 7
  • Unlocking iPhone 7/ 7s by inserting the sim card from a different network

    1. As a first step, insert the sim card from the network other than you have been working on. (Turn off the request for the pin code.)
    2. Turn on your iPhone 7 and start the wifi connection.
    3. Now the small update would be downloaded and your iPhone7 is ready to be operated in a separate network.
  • Unlocking iPhone 7/7s with the SIM card from a seperate network wen the wifi does not work

    1. Connect your iPhone7 using a cable with a SIM card from a different network other than the one you have been working on.
    2. Open the iTunes application on your PC.
    3. By now the small update would be downloaded and your iPhone7 is ready to be operated in a separate network.



unlock iphone 8


iPhone 8

In the section below we have discussed three effective alternate ways to unlock iPhone 6 that would save both your money and efforts. Read on!

  • Resetting iPhone8 without password

    1. As the first step, download and install iMyFone LockWiper and select “Unlock screen passcode” option. In case of unlocking from iCloud account or Apple id, select “Unlock Apple ID”.
    2. Now connect your device and click on “Start” and then “Next”.Your device will be detected automatically.Select”Download” to unlock the file.
    3. Once the process initiated in the above step finishes,click on “Start to extract” and this will unzip the downloaded file.
    4. As the last step in the process, select “Start Unlock” once the file is extracted. Now enter”000000” to confirm the unlocking process and click on “Unlock”. Wait patiently till the unlocking process finishes in the next few minutes.
  • Unlocking iPhone8 via iCloud

    1. On your pc, go to the iCloud official website iCloud.com and sign in with your iCloud id and password.
    2. While logging in, select”FindiPhone”
    3. Now click on” All Devices” and choose your locked iPhone8.
    4. As the last step , select “Erase iPhone” option and thereafter follow the onscreen instructions. Your iPhone will then be reset to the factory settings.
  • Unlocking iPhone8 with iTunes

    1. As a first step, connect your iPhone8 to your computer system which you had synced before and open iTunes.
    2. Now iTunes will itself sync and backup your phone.
    3. Once the backup process completes, click on the iPhone tab present on the left corner.Thereafter on the right panel, you will see the “Restore iPhone” option.Click on it.
    4. Now select “Restore” and then “Agree”.Here iPhone will erase your previous data and restore your phone to the latest iOs.
    5. Now as the last step you need to set up your phone. While setting up, choose” Restore from iTunes backup” and select the latest backup from iTunes.Following the entire procedure, you will be able to unlock your iPhone8 without actually losing data.





unlock iphone x
  • Resetting iPhoneX without password through Siri

    1. To prompt Siri in its wakeup mode, press the main button of your iPhone.
    2. Next, utter the words “Cellular data” and turn off the wifi to do away with the connectivity admittance.
    3. Now in order to be directed to the phone’s home screen, press your iPhone X home switch.
  • Resetting iPhoneX without password using iMyFone LockWiper

    1. As a first step, launch and download the “iMyFone LockWiper”.Thereafter from the hom interface of the app, click on the “UnlockScreen Passcode”.
    2. Now make a connection between your iPhone7 and computer system. Thereafter select the “Download” button to obtain a particular firmware for your phone.
    3. Now on the proceeding screen, click on “Start to extract” link to unzip the already downloaded files.
    4. As the last step towards the unlocking step, ensure that your iPhone is connecting well with your computer and then confirm to unlock.Enter “000000” to the box and tap on the given “Unlock” option in order to successfully unlock your iPhone there and then.


Know the Easy Method to Change the Screen Lock Password of Your iPhone

In the below mwntioned section we have answered the most frequently asked question on how to change iPhone lock screen password through a very simple method.

  • As the first   open the “Settings” of your phone and thereafter select the “Touch ID and passcode” option.

  • Type your current password.

  • Scroll down and select “Change Passcode” option below the “Fingerprints” section.

  • Again enter your current passcode.

  • Now tap on the “Passcode options” and thereafter following the instructions, now type your new passcode.

  • Now to verify , renter your new passcode and you are done with the passcode changing procedure.

Hope the above information comes to your best advantage while resetting your iPhone by means of unlocking it.and the quick method to change the iPhone screen passcode However for any further assistance on the same, it is best recommended to visit the Apple official website Or you can reach out to the iphone customer service number or online assistance.


Keep reading this space to stay technologically updated!

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