How to Completely Restart MacBook pro Forcefully
how to restart macbook pro

How to Completely Restart MacBook pro Forcefully

If your MacBook Pro computer is also behaving sluggish or even the programs are not running the right way like mine, then I have got the best answer to solve it all. Why? Because I have been in your place!

To avoid such a problem, what we do is to reboot/ restart our Mac computer. It keeps the computer fresh and thus cleans up all your computer memory space. When you hit the restart button, the computer asks you to save the files you are working on and thus closes all the running programs out there.

But we suggest you don’t repeat the process over and again as it will end up harming your computer which obviously you don’t want.

Today, in this handy guide we are going to discuss the ways and concept of “how to restart MacBook pro”. Below are the points we are going to cover today.

So without wasting your much time, let’s get started:


  • What is the difference between shut down and Restart of Mac? Is both are same?
  • Two ways to restart macbook pro
  • Did my MacBOOK Pro get Freeze down? What are the symptoms of it?
  • Why my macbook pro is freezing frequently?
  • What are the other ways to fix it?

Let us discuss the points in details:

Difference B/W Shut down & Restart of Macbook Pro

What is the difference between shut down and Restart

We have observed, Most of the people confuse in between these two terms. These two are quite self- explanatory. In the case of Shut down, your Mac computer will not start until or unless you press up the power button. Whereas in the case of Restart, your macbook will get turn on again with all its previously active applications!

But now the newly Mac’s comes up with the feature of an inbuilt automatic reboot. In case your MacBook pro gets frozen, it will automatically reboot it by itself in some time. So all you need to is to sit back and wait to get it done.

Two Ways to Restart Macbook pro:

Below are the two super easy methods to restart your macbook pro:

Method 1: The first method goes like: You just need to hold the power button till the Mac shuts down. It may take some time. Once it’s done. Press the power again to restart it.

Method 2: This method applies when the pointer is disabled/ inactive and if your Macbook Pro hangs in for good:

You need to hold command and control all together while pressing the power button as well.

It is an alternative method to restart your Macbook Pro.

Why my Macbook pro is Keep Freezing Frequently?

Why my macbook pro is keep freezing frequently

Well, the answer is quite straight forward and I think most of you knew the answer already. It’s because of the low memory of Macbook Pro. Your Mac is having very low memory to process the system. Another thing at the pace is, there might be a possibility that it is freezing because you are using a lot of applications at the same time. The first thing for restart macbook pro, we suggest you go to the activity monitor of your Mac and then check the memory usage from there.

You can perform it by following the below-suggested steps:

  •    First of all, go to the applications menu. Then reach up to the utility option from there. After reaching up, you have to go to the activity monitor.
  •    Lastly, hit the memory tab there.

Once you will reach the memory tab, observe carefully how your memory is loaded. Stop using those applications which takes up much memory without any solid reason. Although it’s not a permanent solution, it won’t let stop the mac from freezing again!  You can either go for a radical solution or you can opt to reboot your MacBook pro every single time.

Below are some of the ideas to stop your mac from freezing further.

What are the other ways to fix it?

The ideas include the following measures:

  • Try Reinstalling your macOS From Your Macbook Pro

It is one of the most effective ways in comparison of others to avoid freezing your Mac computer. IF executed properly, it can even be the most radical solution of all.

  • Wipe off your Macbook Data:

Next, you can try tools such as CLeanMyMac to clean up the pervasive browser extensions, any old useless app or the app that you no longer uses, any other junk files from your Macbook.  It offers a lot of features and thus removes all the mess from your Mac computer in no time. Not only this but also it fee the RAM or any other application uninstaller.

  • Choose Diagnostics Method to Restart your Macbook

First of all shut down your Mac completely. Then, while pressing KEY D, reboot it. A menu will appear to you, in that just launch up the Apple Diagnostics tool. As soon as you will launch it, it will start looking for Macbook’s error and drives. At last, start following the prompts which will lead to finish the diagnostics, for mac support you can call on company site.

Did my MacBOOK Pro get Freeze down? What are the symptoms of it?

Did your macbook pro get frozen up? How did you get it? Below are the symptoms to confirm that your macbook gets frozen. Have a look:

  • Fan noise gets louder
  • Your active applications are not responding
  • The pointer is not responsive anymore
  • Macbook is not restarting
  • The screen of your macbook pro goes black

Wait, what did you said? Oh, your cursor is moving? If yes, try the below formulae:

Try this software solution if your cursor is working. Do not go for force restart method at the first place:

  • First of all, go to the Apple menu
  • Then select the Restart Menu
  • Hit it up

Time to wrap up:

So, these were some of the ways to restart MacBook pro without any hassle. If you liked our this article, please spread knowledge with your other MacBook Pro user friends!

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