How to Erase/Delete or Reset Everything On A Mac
how to erase or reset everything on a mac

How to Erase/Delete or Reset Everything On A Mac

How To Erase Everything On A Mac

So you wanna erase everything from your Mac computer? Well, let me guess, the reason behind your decision to erasing everything. It may be:

•    It could be because you want to sell your Mac

•    Secondly, it could be because your Mac is running very- slow and it sucks you! So, you have to just delete everything.

Well, it’s not a hard and fast thing to delete/ erase everything on Mac. But yes if you think that formatting the hard disk will take care of the things and you can now easily sell your Mac to other without any personal data concern then let me tell you, it’s not at all an effective method.

Remember, formatting or erasing data manually does not ensure you are safe. It just gets removed visibly. If the buyer is smart enough or is having bad intentions, he/ she can easily retrieve your data with the help of recovering tools. This is the reason why you should know the exact steps to adapt to erase the data completely from the system or mac updates. Stick to us and keep reading.

Below is the complete step by step procedure to delete or erase everything on mac. Note it down away!

Step 1: Before Factory Reset, Back Up Your Mac at first

Step 2: Next, you have to delete Private Files

Step 3: FileVault Turn off

Step 4:  iTunes Authorization and iCloud Account removal

Step 5: macOS on MacBook, iMac reinstall

Let us elaborate steps for Erase everything on mac :

Step 1: Before Factory Reset, Back Up Your Mac at first:

back up my data

Before getting started, that is erasing your Mac or erase everything on mac, it’s important to back up your data. There are various options to do so. Transfer all the data of yours into an external hard drive. Although it’s somewhat time taking but it’s worth if you have limited videos, documents or photos!

Also, you can even use iCloud to store up your data but yes before proceeding make sure it has enough space left there. Furthermore, we recommend you to clean the useless junk files out there present on your Mac before an iCloud Backup. It will not only reduce the size of your Mac’s backup but also increase the backup speed. In addition, you can try an external hard drive to store the Mac data.

Step 2: Next, You Have To Delete Private Files

move to trash your privete files


I think most of you are not aware of the fact that after factory reset most of the files on mac before erase everything on mac are recoverable! Yes, you heard me right! No matter if you have carefully reformatted and erased data from your mac, there is still some possible ways out there to recover the deleted files on the Mac computer. A professional program can help you to avoid so. It is known as FonePaw Data Recovery. You can use the eraser on this program and thus can delete all your private data before the factory reset. It will erase all your data without even any trace of it getting recoverable.

Step 3: FileVault Turn Off:

FileVault Turn Off

FileVault is basically purposed with the aim to encrypt your hard drive and files. It is one of the inbuilt Apple features. We suggest you before resetting and cleaning, you should always turn off this program feature to avoid any negative outcomes. Below are the steps to disable FileVault without any hassle:

•    First of all, go to system preferences and open it. Then chose Security and Privacy option from there

•    Next, after selecting it, you have to click on the FileVault tab.   

•    As soon as you click, you will get to see a lock button. Simply hit it and then enter the administrator account password to reach up to the FileVault Setting section.

•    Next, once you are done, click FileVault Turn Off option. That’s all!

Step 4:  iTunes Authorization And iCloud Account Removal

iTunes Authorization And iCloud Account Removal ​


Obviously why anyone would want to link up your iTunes account to your mac if you have to sell it at the end of the day? You just don’t need allocation to your mac that you no longer have. So, we recommend you to first deauthorize iTunes on your Mac before proceeding to erase your entire data.

How to Deauthorize iTunes On Mac?

•    At first, you have to open iTunes on the mac. Then click on your account, select Authorizations option from there and thus deauthorize this computer option

•     Once you will do it, Apple will ask you to enter the Apple ID password there. Fill it up and thus click Deauthorize.

How to Sign Out of iCloud on Mac?

How to Sign Out of iCloud Mac

•    To sign out of iCloud, go the system preference menu of it and thus click on sign out option. As soon as you will do it, you will get to see a pop- up menu which will ask you whether you want to keep the copy on your mac.

•    At that very moment, you have to just deselect the entire menu. After it hit the continue button. Hitting continues ensures that the iCloud data is not going to stay up there on your Mac.

Step 5: MacOS on MacBook, iMac Reinstall

Now, it’s time to reinstall macOS once you have deleted all the data on your Mac computer. Next, you have to go to macOS Utilities menu. From there reinstall the macOS and thus follow the instructions which will shown up on the screen.

Time to sum up:

So, guys, these were some of the steps involved in erasing everything, every minute data from your Mac computer. Also, if you are looking to sell your MacBook and easily wanna delete every data erase everything on mac, you can go for an alternative software tool. It is known as SafeWiper.  


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