How to Troubleshoot & Fix Mac Error Code 36
How to Troubleshoot & Fix Mac Error Code 36

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Mac Error Code 36

One of the hallmarks of the Apple brand, the Macintosh line of computers has gone down well with the users worldwide. Let us have a brief introductory paragraph for the Mac Os before getting into the detailed know-how for the same.

Mac OS, the operating system, an Apple range was developed in 1984 primarily to enable the functioning of the company’s range of personal computers. using the graphical user interface technology, built-in screen, and mouse. This system is highly recommended and popular amongst the users due to its fantastic integration with the top of the line hardware specifications.

No technology is completely immune from certain hurdles. Similarly while operating on Mac, users sometimes face certain error codes obstructing the smooth functioning. In the present writeup, we will be discussing in detail about the Mac error code 36 which when pops up displays “The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in File name can’t be read or written. (Mac Error code-36)” message on the screen.This specific error appears when the user needs to copy files or folders to a new location or an email. Let us look at some solutions to troubleshoot the error.

Solutions to Troubleshoot Mac Error Code 36

In the aforementioned section we have laid down a list of some most promising solutions to troubleshoot Mac error 36 from your system . Read on.

Use “Dot_Clean” Method to Troubleshoot the Mac Error Code 36​

Method to Troubleshoot the Mac Error Code 36​
  1. From the Mac system, go to the “Applications” window, from there select”Utilities” and finally open the “Terminal” window.
  2. In the first line of the terminal, type “dot_clean” followed by a single space.
  3. Now select the faulty folder giving the error message and drag it to the terminal window.Release the mouse as soon as a green cursor with a + sign appears on the screen.
  4. At the end of the command, the path of the folder will appear on the terminal window.
  5. Press “Enter” or “Return key”, after which the hidden underscore files will get deleted or will get merged with their host files fixing the error issue.
  6. Now try copying the files to check whether the issue is rectified.

Using PRAM Troubleshoot the Mac Error Code 36

Pram stands for Parameter Random Access Memory which is responsible for storing the system settings in the Macbook. User can troubleshoot the error 36 mac by simply resetting the PRAM.

    1. Shut down your Mac computer.
    2. As soon as the chime is heard, reboot the computer, hold the “Command”, “Option”,” P” and “R” keys all simultaneously.
    3. You will know the PRAM has been reset once you hear the chime sound again.
    4. Wait patiently till the time Mac gets boot up and thereafter you can function   on your Mac smoothly without receiving the notification of the error code 36 mac.

Check some specific system settings to solve the Error Code 36 Mac

Check some settings to solve the Error Code 36 Mac​
  1. After performing the above two most resorted to steps to troubleshoot the mac error -36 code going through these mac system settings might resolve the issue.
  2. In the “Finder” check the permission to copy the files.Before checking the permission settings ensure that the account has the “read access” to those particular files. Thereafter go to the “Permission and sharing” option and change it to “Everyone”.
  3. As an alternative to above step, user can also take the “Ownership” of the files required to be copied.
  4. Now after performing either of the above steps check whether you are able to copy the files now.

Hope the above mentioned three solutions come to your best use in troubleshooting the Mac error code 36 & mac error code -36. In case you still are stuck with the error it is best advised to contact the Mac Support provided on their website. The professionals will fix the issue for you in no time.

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