How to Fix MAC Error Code 43 Permanently?
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How to Fix MAC Error Code 43 Permanently?

One of the hallmarks of the Apple brand, the Macintosh line of computers has gone down well with the users worldwide. Let us have a brief introductory paragraph for the Mac Os before getting into the detailed know-how for the same.

Mac OS, the operating system, an Apple range was developed in 1984 primarily to enable the functioning of the company’s range of personal computers. using the graphical user interface technology, built-in screen, and mouse. This system is highly recommended and popular amongst the users due to its fantastic integration with the top of the line hardware specifications.


No technology is completely immune from certain hurdles. Similarly while operating on Mac, users sometimes face certain error codes obstructing the smooth functioning. In the writeup we will be talking in detail about Mac error code 43 & Mac Error Code -43 which when pops up displays“This operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found”. message on the screen. Some potential reasons leading to this error are:

  • Some issues with the hard disk.

  • Incomplete download of a specific file.

  • No permission to manage some files.

  • A locked file.

When trying to copy files from one folder to another with the help of a USB.


After learning the reasons leading to the error now look at some guaranteed ways to troubleshoot the Mac Error Code 43 in the below-mentioned section.


Complete Steps To Troubleshoot & Fix Mac Error Code 43

Complete Steps To Troubleshoot & Fix Mac Error Code 43 ​

First and foremost, reset the PRAM

Pram stands for Parameter Random Access Memory which is responsible for storing the system settings in the Macbook. User can troubleshoot the error by simply resetting the PRAM.

    1. Shut down your Mac computer.
    2. As soon as the chime is heard, reboot the computer, hold the “Command”, “Option”,” P” and “R” keys all simultaneously.
    3. You will know the PRAM has been reset once you hear the chime sound again.
    4. Wait patiently till the time Mac gets boot up and thereafter you can function on your Mac smoothly without receiving the notification of the error code 43.

Delete the problem file and download it again afresh:


    1. If the error code -43 Mac pops up owing to a problem file, follow the steps below.
    2. Open your personal email and send that particular problem file to yourself.
    3. Now delete the email from your Mac drive.
    4. Now open the email that you had earlier sent to yourself and download that particular file.
    5. Ensure that the downloaded file isn’t locked.
    6. Try to copy and move the file yet again. The Mac error 43 due to the file should    be resolved by now.


Suspecting the Mac error code 43 due to drive-related issues? Try troubleshooting with the “Disk Utility” feature:


Disk Utility feature helps to deal with drive related issues such as missing or corrupt files. If you suspecting the error code 43 due to a drive-related issue, let Disk Utility come to your rescue.

As a first step, click on the “Restart” button.

    1. Once your Mac restarts, hold “Command” and “R” until the Apple Logo pops up.
    2. Now click on “Disk Utility” option and then on “Continue”.
    3. Now click on the “First Aid” option and then click on the disk the file is in.
    4. As the last step to finish the process, click on “Repair Disk Permissions”.

            Hopefully, after performing the above step, the error should no longer appear while  moving or copying the particular files.


Forcefully quit and relaunch “Finder”:

This is a very simple troubleshooting step that can fix the Mac error code 43. Force quit and relaunch the “Finder” with the two simple steps as:

    1. Open the Apple menu from the top left corner of the screen and select the “Force Quit “ option.
    2. From the list of the options on the next screen, click on the “Finder” option and hit on the “Relaunch” option.

Error Code -43 Mac USB – Unplug the USB:

Sometimes a problem with the USB also hinders the process of copying the files from the USB to a Mac computer. Unplug the USB and plug it back again..After plugging back the external device back try to move or copy the files again, this time the problem would get resolved.

Hope the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods answer your query on how to fix Mac error code 43 in the best possible way . For more assistance on the same contact the Mac Technical Support Number provided on their official website.


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